Change leadership

behaviors without

additional training

PeakPath's Habit Building System instills one new habit per month in your leaders, ensuring self-leadership and leadership behaviors become regular, sustained parts of their daily routines.

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The majority of your leaders are not exhibiting the necessary behaviors for a high-performing and learning organization. More specifically, they have

Low motivation for leadership development

Difficulty absorbing new learning

Challenges in converting training into daily routines

PeakPath complements leadership initiatives by integrating habit-building into your existing programs to

Boost mental fitness to get leaders into the learning zone

Enhance learning retention

Convert training into lasting leadership habits

A recent meta-study in Nature found habits to be the strongest driver of behavior change, surpassing skills, mindset, and knowledge.

PeakPath’s Habit Building System integrates coaching, wearable data, analytics, and habit formation tools to build one new mental fitness or leadership habit each month.

See how PeakPath can improve performance in your company.


Adoption rate


Habit formed every month per leader


Increased share of leaders in the learning zone


6 month retention rate